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Meeting new neighbors is a regular part of living in any of the Penn State apartments in State College, PA. How well you get to know them is up to you, but an introduction has many benefits. It may all begin with a friendly hello in the hallway. But, keep an open mind — though they might not return a friendly hello doesn’t mean you live next to a curmudgeon. Your neighbor could have something else on their mind at that moment.

1. Feel Safe & Secure

It’s true that when living in off campus housing, PSU students do find it more difficult to meet their neighbors compared to living on campus. But two of the best reasons to get to know those living around you are for emergencies and safety. Emergencies take different forms, such as accidentally locking yourself out on a cold, snowy day or a medical situation. But, knowing those who live around you can provide peace of mind in a stressful moment. Affable neighbors can also help keep an eye on the apartment while you're out of town. They may also take care of your pets which saves you the hassle of boarding.

2. Lend A Helping Hand

A late-night trip to the store for last-minute cooking ingredients or materials for a big presentation can be stressful. But before you head out, try asking your neighbors for help. Many young adults living in PSU off campus housing pride themselves on their independence and self-reliance. But there are times when having a neighbor or two to help in a pinch is a wonderful thing.

3. Avoid Unpleasantries

If you’ve had neighbors for any length of time and everything’s gone great so far, odds are there’ll be a little hiccup or two in the future. A noisy pet, a weekend party, or a blaring TV when you’re trying to sleep are a handful of the frequent examples you may encounter. So what would you do if you didn’t know the neighbor and needed to speak to them about an issue? Having a history of positive interactions reduces the awkwardness that accompanies many of these conversations.

4. Interact Socially

It's great to know others when you come to one of the community events hosted by The Station State College. A lively event becomes more so when surrounded by friends. Yet, face-to-face interactions may seem few and far between given the modern digital lifestyle. Even a brief conversation in passing with a neighbor can lift your mood and theirs in our student apartments in State College, PA. That’s why we regularly host events and gatherings to continue building the robust sense of community our residents enjoy.

5. Build Camaraderie

Maybe you’ll have a standing dinner date once a month, or invite one another over to watch a favorite TV show each week. However it develops, camaraderie is a great reason to know those who live around you. Many times, college students discover they share the same interests as others, even while living in off campus student housing near PSU. It's not uncommon for lifelong friendships to develop as a result.

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